In 2019 the Roux family will celebrate 100 years of farming on the historic farm Ramah. Prominent as a fixed point of reference in the early frontier years in South African history, Ramah Farm has seen many changes including the expansion of the pecan industry in South Africa.
Roux Pecans has grown, changed, adapted, and challenged pecan ‘conventions’ to the point where we have created a brand of pecans which have been appreciated by our customers around the world for their consistent quality.

Chris Roux

1973 saw the first pecan trees planted along the Orange River on Ramah. A pioneering move at the time, Chris Roux’s vision and commitment to growing quality pecans in this Western ‘desert’ saw him found and chair the South African Pecan Producers Association for 11 years, developments which were instrumental in recognizing pecans as a sustainable economic entity in the country.
Chris focused on planting the best ‘Improved’ varieties, to be sure that the orchards offered quality pecans that were and would remain relevant in the market. In 1996 Roux Pecans became certified organic and was the cornerstone to cementing a holistic and balanced method of farming. This approach is central to ‘who we are’ at Roux Pecans, it is an intrinsic value in everything we do.
Roux Pecans has entered into its second generation, with Chris’s sons Pierre and Bob actively involved. This sees Roux Pecans keeping abreast with market developments as well as keeping a personable interface between Roux Pecans and customers.
Roux Pecans is proud of its heritage and committed to continue offering quality certified organic pecans.


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